Still have NTWK?

The Token Swap has ended, if you still have NTWK, please contact hello@blocktek.uniersity to request a swap.

Please send all your NTWK tokens to the following address:


  • I am sending tokens from the address I am providing
  • I understand that I will receive 3 BKU for every 1 NTWK that I send in
  • I understand that I no longer own the NTWK I am sending in and that it will not be retrievable once it has been sent.

ETH Address(required)

*If it has been over 1 month and you have not received your new BKU tokens, please send an email to and include the transaction ID showing your NTWK tokens being sent to the address 0x3B95E5AaD595F0a464488f48dec6376B0e22Fd80.

Tokens to be Swapped! 38%
Tokens Swapped! 62%

You will need to add a custom token to see BKU in your wallet using our contract address

Contract Address: 0x60b5aA3334185D72EEd79aC5ffC9870e98F502eb
Decimals: 18
Symbol: BKU