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Tourist Attractions in Indonesia that are Suitable for Vacationing


Vacationing is one of the most appropriate techniques for releasing depression because of routine habits and tedious work. Annoying. No need to go abroad or use money in expensive shopping centers, because Indonesia also has so many interesting places that are waiting for you to hurry up. From the start of sea tourism and beaches, mountains, lakes, jungles, and there are many others, all can be simply found in the Equatorial Emerald Land. Well, from Sabang to Merauke, there is a list of tourist objects that are suitable to make the purpose of a vacation together with the family, for example. Please start exploring from the westernmost tip of Indonesia, Sabang. In this place there are many interesting tourist objects that you need to visit, among other things, Sumurtiga Beach located in Sabang City, DI Aceh Province. This white sandy beach has a long coastline with light blue sea water, complete with coconut trees spread along the coast. No wonder even though many people say Sumurtiga Beach is Sabang’s Hawaii. Except for skating and enjoying the beauty of the underwater by snorkeling fun, you can also spend the night in cottages that have a lot on the beach more or less. How cool is that?


You must have been familiar with this one tourist attraction, right? Yes, the beauty of Lake Toba with Samosir Island in the middle is indeed successful in attracting the attention of tourists, not just local, but also international. Lake Toba itself is a giant lake that occurs as a result of volcanic work. The lake has a length of 100 km and a width of 30 km and is said to be the most beautiful volcanic lake that belongs to Indonesia. Not just an attractive lakeside tour, here visitors can also explore the pine forest area in more or less lakes, enjoy warm water baths, and play in more or less waterfalls. Already? Look forward to that, on Samosir Island there are 2 tourist villages that don’t escape the attention of tourists, are Tomok and Tuktuk. In Tomok, you can come to the tomb of Raja Sidabutar, the Batak Museum, and view the staging of Sigale-gale puppets. Do you want to stay here? There are some cheap lodging in Tuktuk that you can make recommendations for. Very complete, right?


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