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    An necessary thing to know is that the seaside itself is accessible ONLY by boat. Land transport will take you only to cities, ports, and the viewing platform on the cliffs above the beach. The locations the place a ship to Navagio is out there are Zakynthos Town port, Agios Nikolaos port/beach, Skinari, and Porto Vromi.
    zakynthos island navagio shipwreck There is little question that Navagio Beach is among the most famous and most photographed beaches in Greece.

    Visiting Navagio by boat is a must on Zakynthos but it cannot be compared to the view revealed from fringe of the cliffs above. Seeing the beach from the ocean and from the cliff high is like seeing two totally different locations and one of the best is if you are able to do both. The different option is to take part in a visit which excursions only around the Blue Caves and Navagio – such can be found from the northern villages like Alykanas and Agios Nikolaos Volimes and from Cape Skinari. The boats are smaller, the trip takes much less and allows you to spend more time on Navagio. Shared and particular person boat journeys are available additionally from Porto Vromi – it’s a small harbor on the west coast and the closest to Navagio place from which you can rent a ship.

    Here, many caves are current in a row and open immediately into the turquoise sea. Explore the great thing about these caves and the island with a masks and scuba dive tank. Moreover, daylight reflecting by way of the water makes it a wonderful location for amazing photographs and movies. At Cape Skinari, near the northern tip of the island, there are many blue caves which replicate the sky colour. The boats normally dock for around one hour so make sure to seize your photos of the beach and shipwreck when you’ve a chance.

    If you need to avoid the crowds visit Navagio early within the morning, or late in the afternoon. If you’re beginning your cruise from Zakynthos Town, Agios Nikolaos or Skinari , know that the tour to Navagio beach will usually include a cease on the amazing Blue Caves. Larger boats, sadly, can’t go inside the caves, so those who need to expertise these natural wonders from the within ought to opt for a smaller boat.

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      Navagio lies on the west coast of Zakynthos which is characterised by inaccessible sheer cliffs and no seaside settlements. The unique name of the beach is Agios Georgios but no one makes use of it any more since the ship appeared in 1983.

      Ever since the seaside is formally often known as Navagio, the Greek word for "shipwreck". The excessive season lasts from mid June to the end of August, and through that time the beach is very busy from 10 am to 2 pm.

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      There are a number of theories about how Panagiotis, as the ship was known as, received there and the commonest spread is about crush during smuggling in a stormy night time. Accidentally or not, the crush occurred on this seashore, making it one of the most in style and photographed locations in the Mediterranean.