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Teknokrat – Use Emergency Funds


Teknokrat – One quick way to pay off debt that you can do is to use emergency funds. If you manage your savings regularly, of course you have to set aside an emergency fund every month. As reported by, financial expert Safir Senduk revealed that every month you must set aside a minimum of 10% of the salary earned. On the other hand, if the risk of a job is greater, such as working as a freelancer, professional, singer, enlarging reserve funds for spending 6-9 months, but if you are an entrepreneur, at least prepare 9-12 months of expenditure. – Emergency funds can be collected using a savings package that automatically conducts automatic debits every month from your transaction account. Another way to raise emergency funds as a way to pay off debt quickly is to gather people who still owe you money. Usually the amount of credit you have can greatly help you raise funds to pay off debt.


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