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    Kyoto, formerly a capital of Japan, is regarded as the cultural capital of the united states of Japan. Being the place to find a rich heritage of Buddhist temples, Shrines, palaces& gardens that are listed one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, Kyoto is certain a major tourist destination.

    So then, which are the best places in Kyoto that one can add to a list of ‘Things to do in Kyoto’? Well, with its numerous historical significant architectures, it’s possible to hardly explore the complete of Kyoto in one venture. Roughly, roughly 2000 temples & shrines inside the whole of Kyoto itself! Museums would be the other attractions making use of their display of Kyoto’s rich heritage and architectures of these by bone eras.

    Anyways, since it’s quite hard to cover most of Kyoto in one go, the following are the top 3 websites that you should definitely have in your short-note of ‘
    Things to do in Kyoto’. Let’s begin!

    1. Hiking around the trails of Shinto shrine: Fushimi Inari

    Seated at the base of your mountain named Inari may be the Shinto shrine guarding the entrance to this sacred mount. The trails of this hiking spread across for about 4km covering a lot of shrines.

    Being dedicated to the God of Rice, the on-site eateries in the shrine are served based on the similarly themed dishes like Inari Sushi, Kitsune Udon, etc.

    2. Purifying selves from the Blessed water pool of Kiyomizu-Dera Temple

    Kiyomizu-Dera, translating into “a pure water temple” and named after the central Otowa waterfall, is among the most celebrated temples of Japan. The attractions, apart from the temple and also the waterfall, are the Okunoin Hall, the Jishu shrine, and the winding streets of retailers.

    The site, with cherry and maple thickets on wooden stages, provides an unparalleled look at the city.

    3. Feeling the smells of nature at Kyoto botanical gardens

    With its magnificent all-round appreciation of flora &fauna, Kyoto botanical gardens are like the true essence of nature. A garden has around a sensational number of 10,000 plant species which includes Bonsai, Bamboo, Sakura, Ume groves, etc.

    Using a glass-paneled conservatory, this garden entices its realm of nature!