Setting up a payment method

Next you’ll need to set up a payment method

Once you verify your phone number you will be directed to coinbase’s dashboard. Please click on the Buy/Sell tab to be redirected. Here you will be able to enter in payment information. You will need to connect your bank account or a debit card to purchase and sell digital currency with your local fiat currency.

You are now able to enter your preferred payment method.

Once you enter the payment method of your choice, two pending transactions will appear in your pending history for that bank account or card. These transactions will be a few dollars in value and will be reversed and will not stay charged to your account, these are for verification that you own and have access to this account. You will be required to enter the last two digits of these charges.

Please login to your online banking or into your online card servicer and click on your pending transactions, this is what these will appear as:

Go back to Coinbase and enter the last 2 digits of each charge into the boxes, once entered you will click “Verify Charge Numbers”.