Buying cryptocurrency

Buying from Coinbase

In this scenario we will be buying Ethereum as NTWK Token runs on the Ethereum blockchain! You are also able to buy the following Coins on Coinbase:




Bitcoin Cash

Incase you logged out of Coinbase, the first thing you are going to need to do is log back in! Please note that every time you login to Coinbase you will need to have your phone ready to enter a verification code sent to you via SMS (or in my case, yell as loud as possible across the house “Honey!! Can you please get my phone from the bedroom?”)

Great your signed in!

Next you are going to click on the “buy/sell” button. This is located at the top left of the coinbase dashboard

Next you will select the coin you want to purchase. In this case we will be clicking on Ethereum. Then you will enter the amount you wish to purchase in the bottom left of the page. Please be aware that coinbase will set spending limits on your new account. As your account ages and you complete more transactions this amount will increase and it will be easier to buy a higher quantity of coins.

On the right it will show the amount of ethereum you are purchasing and the left is where you entered the amount of fiat currency you wish to spend. On the far right you will see a transaction summary, This will show how much eth you are buying, what method you are using to pay, when your coins will be available to you, where the coins will be deposited and all associated fee’s with the purchase.

Triple check your numbers to make sure you are spending the correct amount. Make sure you have the fiat entered where it should be, If you accidentally put 25 into the etheruem section you will be spending $25,000, not $25 and you’ll most likely have some explaining to do to your wife / husband / mother / goldfish! Check these numbers one more time for good measure then click “Buy Ethereum Instantly”

Next you’ll be brought to the confirmation page, Please press “Confirm Buy” and at this point you’ll be redirected to the dashboard and you will see your newly purchased cryptocurrency.