Project Inception

A group of likeminded individuals came together when they noticed a void within the industry: A lack of education and a lack of places to learn.

Team Begins Building Learning Platform

Our team had one goal in mind: build a platform that focuses on all levels of users, from beginners to advanced level learners, from the non-tech savy to those that are coding wizards.

Platform Launched

The first rendition of the learning platform was launched under the domain learnaboutcrypto.io

Team built fully functional payment gateway

Our team built out a fully functional payment gateway to accept our tokens for courses. Each transaction is given a unique address and once one block has been confirmed users will be given immediate access to courses.

Team built beta version of On-Chain Tracking

Team has built a beta version of our On-Chain progress tracking, available for student use immediately. We call this a beta version as we will be improving upon this process down the road.

Team issues BKU Tokens

Smart contract for BKU is issued, token swap begins on the day we relaunch the new platform and instructor portal.

New Platform & Instructor Portal Launches

Students can immediately redeem BKU tokens for courses at launch and instructors can immediately begin creating courses to earn BKU tokens

Additional Courses Added to The Platform

BlockTek plans to add a minimum of 20 additional courses by the end of Q4 as well as heavily market the Instructor Program bringing cryptocurrency education to the forefront of the industry.

Team begins Onboarding Businesses to Educate Employees

Team begins partnering with businesses to educate their staff on Blockchain and how it can positively effect their business today. Blocktek University works with businesses to help them build the needed infrastructure to deploy smart contracts into their business models.

Team Begins Planning First Free Education Conference On Blockchain

Team begins to plan the first free education conference on blockchain technology. Current conferences cost between $1000-3000USD per ticket, Blocktek aims to change this by having sponsor and self paid conferences that learners of any background can attend.

All Courses are Translated into Over 20 Languages

Blocktek University aims to become a global educator, by translating all courses into multiple languages Blocktek University is able to broaden the reach of blockchain education.

BlockTek University applies for Degree Granting License

To apply for a degree granting license one must be in business a minimum of three years and meet very strict and selective educational guidelines. Blocktek University is up for the challenge.

BlockTek University applies to become a Recognized Accredited Educational Institution

Once BlockTek University is granted a “Degree Granting License” we will need to graduate our first student with a non-accredited degree to apply for accreditation. We estimate being able to graduate our first student by 2024

What is the maximum supply of the token?

The maximum supply of the token is 150M. Users who currently hold NTWK Token will recieve 3 BKU for every 1 NTWK they swap.

How do I get the new tokens if I have NTWK?

Please click the menu link above labeled “Token Swap”

All instructions will be provided on that page.

What function does your token serve?

The BKU token is for use solely for BlockTek University products. Our token functions in two ways. One of these ways is as a payment token – Users taking advanced level courses must pay in BKU. This is the only payment method we accept. Instructors are also paid in BKU. Our token also functions as a tracker recording students progress directly to the blockchain and storing certificates of completition.

What have you accomplished so far?

Without any funding we’ve designed our learning platform, designed and deployed our own payment gateway for our tokens, launched an instructor portal and have released the beta version of our on chain progress tracking that is available for students to use today.

You can also click through our road map on the left hand side! This will give you a better picture of what we’ve accomplished so far and what we intend to accomplish in the future!

Why didn't you have an ICO?

Our tokens are used within our products and services, we didn’t want users hoarding tokens for speculative reasons especially tokens they could not use immediately. We aim to release our tokens slowly to match the amount of users and instructors on our platform. The team will release no more than 10 million tokens into circulation each quarter. We believe in building a sustainable business model for the future and proving our worth – not just our ideas.

Where is your whitepaper?

We are in the process of switching over all material from NTWK to BlockTek University and updating the whitepaper. To view our previous whitepaper navigate here:https://www.networktoken.io/NTWK%20Whitepaper%20rev040218.pdf

I can't complete courses. Help!

To complete and track courses you must make an account. If you have made an account and are still having issues please reach out to the team: hello@blocktek.university

Why don't you cover a broader spectrum of courses?

This may change in the future but for right now we are focused on the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, If we can accomplish this we may expand onto other topics.

What are the links to your major social platforms?