Understanding Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is a kind of money that only exists online and has been part of hundreds of millions of transactions since it first appeared in 2009. It’s rocketing value in 2017 had made headlines around the world, while governments debate it’s promises and its threats. Even with all of this publicity bitcoin remains a mystery for most people. This course on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies peels away those mysteries, helping you to intelligently choose how or whether to participate in the bitcoin economy.

We’ll lay bare its differences from traditional forms of money and give you the information you need to acquire, use and even mine bitcoin. We’ll also introduce you to other cryptocurrencies that could become even more valuable in the future. The course is practical, walking you through all the steps from setting up a bitcoin wallet, to buying, selling, transferring and holding bitcoin. It also gives you the theoretical underpinnings that few have today, giving you a strategic advantage.

Bitcoin is a fascinating subject, regardless of whether you use it yourself and taking this course is your next step to enjoying it.