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Blockchain Services

ERC20 Token Contract Creation – We will design and create a contract for you to create your very own token. We currently do not offer ICO contracts. Contract can be deployed on the Ethereum mainnet or the testnet.

We will create a functional ERC20 base and you may add any extra functions you wish to the contract.

Cost: 450,000 BKU

Blocktek University Beginner Certificate

Certify your knowledge on blockchain and cryptocurrency at a basic level with our on-chain certificate. This certificate will require you to pass a 20 question quiz on blockchain and cryptocurrency basics.

Cost: 150,000 BKU

Coming soon: Access to “The Crypto Chart” – This will be a recurring subscription for access to premium features such as updating pricing on demand.

To purchase any of the following services, please send us an email at for a personalized quote.