Become An Instructor

Teachers/Instructors (you!) can make instructional videos, strategy guides, acronym lists, full courses and more. In this program creators will be able to earn BKU tokens based on the usability and quality of the content they produce. Our goal is to expand the number of creators to continue to create engaging, meaningful and motivating content for our learners.

For our seasoned content creators we will allow them to access beta testing within the platform. This select group will also have their own private section on the forums to discuss tips, tricks and best practices with each other in order to improve on content and self promotion methods. In the beginning of our course creation program we will have small requirement for creators to meet, over time we will lengthen guidelines of what we will accept making it harder to earn tokens for creation. All content submitted by creators will be fully vetted before being published on Blocktek Universities learning platform.

• Participants cannot engage in nor encourage racist, sexist, able-ist, bigoted behaviour – whether in online discussions or in content they create. This includes making any comment that could be perceived as reflecting political, racist, sexist, religious, prejudice towards sexual orientation or other bias.
• Participants cannot be a part of harassment of any user of Blocktek Universities platform as well as outside of our platform
• Content creators cannot encourage or provide instructions for hacking or pump and dump schemes
• Participants cannot imply a formal working relationship or endorsement by Blocktek Universitiy or any affiliates of their online content
• Participants cannot engage in or tacitly encourage illegal activities of any kind
• Content creators cannot disparage any person, business, place or group including Blocktek Universitiy, it’s employees or its competitors. Note that this differs from constructive criticism – which is welcome and encouraged. We want to foster thoughtful critical feedback that helps fellow learners.
• Participants cannot use affiliate links or promote other goods or services on any videos or courses specifically made for Blocktek Universitiy
Participants Must
• Follow any and all laws related to digital content creation set by governments in their own geographical locations.